Refrigeration Equipment maintenance Tips



Every equipment both need proper maintenance
Especially in the hot weather 

It's will be frustrating once it's not working


Some advice from our senior technicians share with you!

1. Clean condenser and maintenance the equipment: Every half a month 

     * Loosen the screws of the cover 
     * Remove the filter and using water to clean it and wipe it with a dry towel.
     * Follow the steps to put it back after finish all the clean process. Insert the power supply, turn on the "Power" switch. Turn on "Light" lighting switch then open "Defog" defogging switch.  Front glass will have mist or water droplets once not defog it first.

Special Note: Do NOT using hand to touch the fan, might get hurt. Once the dirt hard to remove, could using  7-8KG/cm2 compressed air to flush it.


2. Equipment cleaning and maintenance: Once a month 

     *Cleaning before you power off the device 
     *Pull the plug, completely cut off the power supply 
     *Remove, transfer all items in the Cabinet

     *Using warm water and neutral detergent to clean the surfaces

 Special Note: No rinsing. To avoid fan, motors and other electrical accessories moisture or leakage. After cleaning, open all doors and ventilation, drying and then plug in the power, open devices, put items in the equipment till reach the temperature.



3. clean the Cabinet and drain 

     *Use a small screwdriver to pry the right bottom corner of the glass, cleaning up the air outlet, dust and drain.



4. How to carry out energy-saving and maintenance to cake showcase? 

We all know that power-saving is also a way of maintenance, by controlling the cake showcase power to protect parts, slow depreciation.

     *Normally, freezers' condenser plate is below the showcase, so the freezer should be placed in a well ventilated area, in time to wipe the outside of the showcase dust, so that we can increase condensation effect of condenser to improve cooling performance and power saving purpose. .

     *If showcase is finned condenser, need to brush clean once a month to increase the cooling effect.

     *For open showcase, should avoid blowing electric fan, air conditioning. night blinds should be closed during non-business hours. Open showcase ambient temperature shall not be higher than +25°C, wind speed not greater than 0.3 meters per second, humidity no more than 60%.

     *Showcase of deposited cake eating in moderation, not too full, too tight, put must be reasonable. Because the cake Cabinet volume and load amount is certain, inside food put too, too tight, can affect convection in the air inside the Cabinet, food cooling difficulties affect food preservation. While increasing the working hours of the compressor, power consumption is increased.

Keep follow us, we will continue to provide latest information to you!